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Sheila Legetet April 30, 2019



The County’s department of ICT and Education & Vocational training received computer equipment from Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) to support the Vocational training centres in the County.

This is one of the benefits resulting from the partnership between the County Government of Nandi and CFSK focusing on equipping computer labs in VTCs and ICT centres, offering training manuals for Computer literacy skills and even providing the relevant certification for these training.

These computer equipments are being distributed to Ten (10) vocational training centres with each receiving 20 computers. These vocational training centres include Kapsabet school for the deaf, Kaplamai, Sigilai, Meteitei, Mugen, Serem, Sirwa Yala, Chemundu, Kaptel and Tangaratwet VTCs.


computers being received at Kaplamai VTC.

These equipped computer labs with help the VTCs in training of computer literacy skills to their students and even to those from the community around these VTCs. It will also be an enabler in training all the other courses offered in the VTCs as research and learning can be done through these computers. Learning will therefore be efficient.

The VTCs will also be centre for implementation of the National Government’s Ajira Digital Training Program by the Ministry of ICT. This program is meant to equip the Youth on the digital skills that would enable them grab jobs opportunities online, work and earn out of it. This is one of the Government’s strategies in reducing unemployment and changing the people’s livelihoods. The same training is also offered in the County’s Kapsabet ICT centre.

The youth are therefore encouraged to visit these centres and grab these training opportunities, get these skills as well as find the available job opportunities in the same sector for their betterment.


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