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Luiz Kipkoech Patrick November 16, 2018


Proper management of Water Utilities ensures that there is adequate water for use by the community.

This is why the Water Sector Trust Fund, Swedish Government and County Government of Nandi have partnered to implement a number of Water projects across the 6 Sub Counties.

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Kimng’oror community water users association is among the group that has benefited from the partnership.

Currently, there are 104 houses that have been connected with water, with improved sanitation facilities constructed.

Already more than seven villages have benefited from the project.

CECM LENRCC Baliach thanked the Water Users Committee for the proper records management.

“What this group has shown is very impressive, I will ensure that other water utilities visit Kimng’oror to see how a community can manage a Water project to the required standards” he added.

The 6 Water Kiosks in Kimng’oror are all functional.

He also visited Cheptil Water Users Association in Kabisaga Ward where over 10 villages have benefited from the project.

The project uses water from Cheptil Dam that was constructed in 1957 by a partnership of Sweden and Netherlands.

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