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Sheila Legetet April 26, 2019


County Capacity Assessment (CCA) is an initiative of Agile Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI) with the aim of establishing Capacity gaps and needs for service delivery in the counties. It also identifies the existing capacity strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for performance. This is meant to promote transparent, accountable and effective service delivery and responsive governance systems.

AHADI has been conducting surveys in 22 counties on County Capacity Assessment (CCA) and development. The surveys aim at identifying and addressing governance processes and capacity challenges that impact service delivery and effective implementation of devolution.

The major focus areas in these CCA surveys are: Human resource and administrative procedures; public participation; monitoring, evaluation and reporting; financial expenditure and procurement; county planning and budgeting and intercounty relations.

A number of surveys have been conducted previously namely CCA1 in 2016 and CCA2 in 2017 with Nandi performing at 64% and 72% respectively. While giving their CCA3 Survey Report today to the Department of Economic planning, County directors and sub county administrators, the consultants from AHADI pointed out the great improvement by the County in Capacity development and performance as per CCA3 survey done in 2018.

CCA 3 survey report sees Nandi County performing at 82%. The key functions which have performed well include intercounty relations; procurement; monitoring, evaluation and reporting; planning and budgeting; human resource and administrative structures. The success is attributed to the successful reforms by Nandi Governor Governor H.E Stephen Sang and the proper procedures in project implementation.

The Chief Officer for Economic planning, Felix Sambu, present during the CCA3 survey report presentation applauded the departments that have contributed to the success. He further added that the department of Economic Planning is working towards strengthening monitoring evaluation function across all the sectors so as to track performance and obtain feedback for effective service delivery.

CCA 3 survey aimed at finding out whether there are proper systems and procedures are in place. The County Government of Nandi is therefore working on the key weakness areas in preparation for CCA 4 survey which will be conducted before the end of this year.

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