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July 23, 2021


Through the Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development in partnership with the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) CLUSA International program, the County Government of Nandi has today launched an Alternative Dispute Resolution Desk (ADR) office at the Co-operative Development offices.

                             ADR Desk.

In recognition of diversity in perspectives that guide the cooperative framework and the need to safeguard peaceful coexistence and social cohesion, cooperatives in Nandi will now enjoy ADR services to resolve in-house conflicts.   Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a way to settle disputes without litigation, using methods that allow the involved parties to understand each other’s position and help identify mutually satisfactory solutions.

The objective of the new division is to help solve disputes at the grass-root level to tame escalation to tribunal level, normally disadvantaged with procedural factors and delays due to the high number of cases being solved at that level.

ADR mechanism provides an enabling favorable environment for co-operatives to exercise autonomy and cohesiveness in advocating for their objectives and within a shorter span.

Officiating the launch, the CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development Dr. Kiplimo Arap Lagat, acknowledged the move stating it as a critical component rooted in the cooperative model structure, which upholds democratic principles.

“Cooperatives are the key pillars in the socio-economic development and the institution must be protected to ensure it remains strong in leadership and business“

He urged co-operatives to take advantage of the legitimacy efficiency ADR offers, attributing a strong social cohesive business structure as a key influence in informing institutional market strength

 CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development, Dr.Kiplimo Arap Lagat addressing the launch.

The host, Dr. Benadatte Tiony, Chief Officer Co-operative Development, stated that the launch signals a bold move by the County Government to chart the future outlook of co-operative societies in supporting development objectives. She also recognized the steadfast support of NCBA CULSA in actualizing the program stating that Nandi is now a step ahead in effecting ease of solving issues within co-operatives.

Chief Officer, Co-operative Development, Dr.Benadatte Tiony speaking during the launch.

Present were representatives from NCBA CULSA, the leadership of co-operative unions, and staff.

 Official Opening of the ADR office


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