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Cornelius Kipkoech May 10, 2019


Annually International Nurses Week begins on May 6th and ends of May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday (May 12, 1820 – August 13, 1910). International Nurses Week marks the time when we honor the significant contributions of nurses past and present, and look ahead to the challenges facing the nursing profession.

Hundreds of Nandi County Nurses joined the world in celebrating the International Nurses Week to highlight the role nurses play in promoting health and wellness in different countries across the world.

The event was held at the St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Namgoi in Emgwen Sub County under the theme “A Voice To Lead, Health For All”.

The weeklong event was officially closed by the Nandi County Secretary Dr. Francis Sang. Several nurses shared their personal experiences from their career with the student nurses.

In his address, Dr. Sang said nurses play a key role in provision of health services to patients in all hospitals through their hard work and dedication.

Dr. Sang said that the county government of Nandi is always focused on the safer working conditions of the healthcare workforce, staffing and funding for their education. “Our actions are focused on keeping our healthcare workers on the job, for the benefit of the profession, the county’s healthcare system, and the patients/clients,” he added.

“Nurses are the backbone of the health sector in any country,” said Dr. Sang.

He also urged upcoming nurses in both Kaptumo MTC and Mosoriot, to tirelessly work hard in their studies and be a source of inspiration to anyone who wants to join the noble nursing profession in addition to taking good care of the community that totally depends on them.

Speaking at the same occasion, Nandi Deputy County Secretary Truphena Kobilo expressed her gratitude to all the nurses who balance the demands of their careers with the demands of their families. “I know how difficult it can be when juggling family and career responsibilities. As care givers in both their personal and professional lives, nurses deserve all our respect, and our thanks,” she said.

In her address, the guest speaker Dr Isabella Mbai thanked all nurses for their dedication to what she believes is the noblest of professions. “I hope each of you has an opportunity to appreciate the rewards of such a fulfilling career, and to take pride in the professionalism and the passion that motivates all nurses,” she said.

Also present were the County Director for Health Dr. David Bungei, Moi University lecturers from the Department of Midwifery and Gender Dr Lydia Mwanzia and Dr Prisca J. Bundotich Mosol, Nandi County Deputy Nuraing Officer Laban Rotich, KNUN Officials led by their Chairman Mr. Sang among other guests.

The event was organized by the County Department of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with CPF, KCC Kapsabet.

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