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Eliab Tanui February 7, 2020


Water for everyone continues to be a driving force for the county government of Nandi.

The government has partnered with several institutions and donors to bring water close to the Nandi residents.

Lands, water and Natural resources CECM attended a pre tender site visit by contractors in Nandi Hills, Nandi hills subcounty.

The project NandiHills water supply is funded by African Development Bank to a tune of 600 million shillings. The project which will be rehabilitation of Taito dam involves building gabbions on source, construction of treatment works and construction of staff quarters.

Construction works will also kick off at Mogong River, Nandi hills subcounty. The works include weir, installation of a pump house and treatment works and rising main. It will also be equipped with 3 tanks one with 1000 m cubic, 500m cubic and 250mcubic.

CECM Dr. Buretti addresses contractors and Nandi Hills residents.

The distribution network is expected to serve Nandi Hills Town, Samoei, Kabikwen, Sinendet, Kosoiywo and Kipsamoo.

The CECM urged the contractors to do their work honestly and perfectly as this was for the good of the Nandi Hills people.

He also urged them to complete the works at the stipulated time. The project is expected to be complete in a few months.

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