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Emily Chebichiy February 26, 2019


To enhance effective and efficient service delivery to the public there is need for capacity building. On Monday, the County department of Agriculture & Co-operative Development held a training workshop for the Milk Cooling Plants Project Management Committee members drawn from the six sub counties.

Key areas covered include but not limited to Procurement process, Finance and Audit services, Procedure and Requirement in opening and maintaining bank accounts, adhering to the best practices in building of structures and record keeping.

CECM for Agriculture & Co-operative Development Dr.Kiplimo Lagat while gracing the occasion said that the County Government wants her citizens to enjoy the fruits of devolution by empowering them to own projects and ensure they become operational and sustainable.

He urged the committee members to invest in dairy, keep dairy cows that bring profit and dispose those that produce less milk. He added that milk prices will be sorted out when farmers pull together and bulk their milk without selling it raw. 

On her part, the Chief Officer Co-operative Development Dr Benadette Tiony said that 80% of Nandi households depend on dairy thus the need to establish milk coolers in every ward. She noted that Milk Coolers will help improve milk quality and stimulate production since the farmer will see the need to keep dairy cows. She added that her department is working closely with Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) to do away with milk hawking.

Dr. Bernadette encouraged the members to be  committed, trustworthy and selfless in serving the community that elected them.

Also present during the training were CO Agriculture Wilson Lelei, Director Cooperative Development, Procurement, Legal, Finance and KCB bank representatives.


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  • Joy indomitable

    Good work..keep going,cooperatives are indeed transformed.

    • 3:26 pm - February 26, 2019

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