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July 14, 2020


The department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development has continued to support farmer value chain cooperatives in their quest to make their farming activities a worthwhile venture to their members and the society in general.

On Monday, Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony met with officials of Kocheng ngei farmer cooperative society to discuss on their progress and relook into modalities that will fast track their investment capacity and thus attract high returns to their members.

Kochen ngei officials in consultative talks with Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony.

Kocheng ngei is a poultry investing cooperative society. It is among the common interest self-help groups who qualified for the National Agriculture and Rural Inclusive Project fund. NARIGP is an initiative of the county governments with World Bank to equip farmers in rural areas with necessary tools to aid in increasing the profitability and productivity of their priority value chains as a measure of improving livelihoods in rural settings

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony, highlighted on the various areas of support the office will provide to the team on matters governance, bookkeeping, audits, education and trainings, sensitization, marketing, overseeing service delivery, and providing resources.

Chief Officer Co-operative Development, Dr. Benadatte Tiony and Betty Koech, Sub County Co-operative Officer.

She urged the team to take up their role as economy developers seriously and be game-changers of the poultry industry in Nandi and the region at large.

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