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June 12, 2020


As Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit the country so hard, Athletes within the county have not seized from their training despite training camps being closed down.

Last month, the Department of Sports gave out guidelines on how athletes, who were selected to participate in the World Track Championship and Diamond League, are going to train a during this period.

Chief Officer for Sports, Kennedy Tanui addressing Athletics fraternity at the Sports department in Kapsabet.

Kennedy Tanui, Chief Officer to Sports and Abraham Mutai Athletics Kenya representative, told the coaches that the athletes being chosen to participate in the two competitors will be allowed to train at the sports facilities.

Athletes train at the sports facility in the morning.

Athletes have been able to adhere to the guidelines being provided whereby they are being tested first before they get to the training facility.

They have been training as one athlete and one coach for an hour each.

The athletes are only allowed to train but they head back to their home because the county ordered the closure of the training facility camps.

Department of Sports Youth Affairs and Arts is continued asking athletes all over the county not to fall victims of the pandemic by ensuring they decontaminate, Keep social distancing and wear their face mask each time when in public places.
#stay safe, sanitize, stay at home.

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