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Sheila Legetet July 3, 2020

Assessment of ICT Authority’s NOFBI Project Implementation In Nandi

The team at Ministry of Lands department.

In the journey towards digitizing all government operations and bridging the digital divide, fast and effective internet connectivity is key.

County Government of Nandi through the department of ICT and e-Government has been partnering with National Government’s ministry of ICT to enhance internet connectivity across all government offices.

This is achieved through the ICT Authority’s (ICTA) National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI).

With most of the offices at Kapsabet now connected, the department is working hard to ensure that this connectivity is enhanced all the way to the Sub Counties and even to Ward offices.

The project aims at improving operations, efficiency in service delivery and to ease communication across all the departments both County and National government’s.

Today a team from the Ministry of ICT led by Pius Kama together with Kris Verspecht – Managing Director SoulCo Kenya visited the county to assess the status of the NOFBI project implementation.

SoulCo is ICTA’s contracted company for the implementation of NOFBI. The team managed to visit the County Commissioner’s office, County Government offices, Ministry of Lands and even the Kapsabet ICT centre.

The team at Kapsabet ICT Centre.

The completion of this project will be an enabler in the automation of all government operations, devolving services down to Ward levels, setting up of ICT hubs and incubation centres for the youth at the Sub-Counties and even providing internet access to the citizens. This brings services closer to them.

The team assessing the server room at the county headquarters.

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