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Walter Sicho May 24, 2019


The County Government of Nandi department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development through the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) II is determined to empower farmers in the Dairy, Maize, Indigenous chicken and Fish value chains through capacity building, technical and financial support, to the key actors who play a critical role in ensuring that our County and country at large, remain food secure.

The platform sensitization forum brought together the value chain actors among them farmers, Millers, Aggregators, and Agronomists among others to discuss and open opportunities for business synergy in all the value chains.

Key objective of the four days being sensitization of the value chain platform (VCP) members on ASDSP 11 and to make the understand their roles and mandate as VCP members in the implementation of the Strategic Intergraded Value Chain Action Plan (SIVCAP) and to select the Value Chain Core Group (VCCG) members, Project Management Team (PMT) and Social Audit Team (SAT).

County Programme Coordinator Mr. Job Kosgei gave brief opening remarks each day of the workshop urging the participants in each value chain platform to work in collaboration and coordination in order to achieve the intended goal of the programme which is to increase productivity, improve Entrepreneual skills, Market access linkages, and county structures strengthened.

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