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Audrey Ng'eny March 21, 2019


Nandi County boasts of Huge Agro Tourism that can be tapped to make the County a preferred choice for Agro – Tourists. The Vast green sheets of Tea plantation attracts you to the hilly serene Nandi Hills which is located in the Western  part of Kenya .

Placed high up in the hills you will find Nandi Hills with these fabulous tea farms. A visit in this magic area is a must and will make you fully appreciate the how Mother Nature gifted us with of Kenya, from the tea nurseries , planting, maintaining tea tables  popularly known as the green carpet, plucking , pruning and finally a visit to the Tea Factory itself  where you will get to see the whole process of tea processing  is a great Tourism Experience.

Nandi Tea Estates are among the largest Tea Farms with, over 1,047 acres of Mature Tea with fuel, exotic  and indigenous Tree plantations cover. the County Government of Nandi through the  Department of Tourism, Social Welfare and Culture is working closely with the several stake holders in order to promote Agro Tourism initiatives.

Chief officer Tourism says that  the unique scenery brought about by these beautiful tea plantations posits a great opportunity to Nandi is attracting both local and international Tourists where they present a great experience like no other.

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