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Audrey Ng'eny February 3, 2020


Nandi county is well endowed with conducive weather conditions that allows its population to practice meaningful agriculture. Agriculture is so diverse and all rounded .

However, as one traverses through the county, one will realize a wide range of crops that define agriculture of the county.

Tea plantations in Nandi hills and Tinderet Sub-counties form the major tea growing zones with numerous tea factories. Some of them include Kapchorua, Nandi Tea, Dl koisagat and Mbogo Valley.

All of them contribute in tea processing and exportation. Their flavors are known worldwide. Nandi, being in the great rift has many hills upon which these tea plantations seat. This gives a wave-like green belt impression.


one of the finest tea plantation in Nandi with splendorous harvest.

Beautiful scenery of the many tea plantations across Nandi gives the county a magnificent look that defines it. The attractiveness and splendor forms a serene natural environment that the county prides itself in.

Plantations combine with many natural and planted forests across the county gives it a breath taking sight that is comparable to a green carpet.

The green matter that is profound in Nandi is the basis upon which its Agro-tourism is grounded. The cool environment coupled with many tourist sites scattered across the county makes it one of the most attractive places to visit in Kenya.

Agro tourism is an emerging sector of tourism whose development can greatly transform the economy of a rural county like Nandi. Anyone touring the county will surely get a unique life long experience on how agriculture and environment come in harmony, blend and effortlessly give a unique geographical landscape.

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