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December 6, 2020


To address youth unemployment and its associated problems, the County Government of Nandi had launched the Nandi County Youth Service (NCYS) that is being fashioned, after the National Youth Service.

The NCYS equips youths with the relevant life skills to foster their personal and career development and enhance their contribution to community development.

The Nandi County Service bill was established in September 2019 by the Nandi County Assembly that keenly looks at its major functions according to the bill of the act.

During the commissioning of the 600 youths who were the first to graduate, Governor Sang stated that the youths have received an opportunity that will help them with relevant hands on skills.

“We are creating more opportunities for our youth through the inaugural Nandi County Youth Service (NCYS) by providing them with relevant hands-on skills,” he said.

The service shall offer opportunities to cushion the NCYS from the adverse effects of the Covid_19 pandemic as well as providing avenues for education and training in our Vocational Training Centers.

Sang further stated that the skills acquired by the members engaged in the service, will be useful in advancing our county and country’s development.

“These servicemen and women have been properly trained and equipped for the tasks under the service,” he added.

CECM for Sport, Youth and Art Affairs, Elly Kurgat, stated that the servicemen and women will get opportunities for the association, representation, and participation in political, social, and economic spheres of life.

“As a county government we are promoting the youth to youthful participation in developmental and empowerment programs as well as providing necessary training to facilitate increased employment and self-reliance to them,” said Kurgat.

Chief officer to Youth Affairs Nelson Ligaga, said this is an opportunity for the youth whereby the county is providing them with employment opportunities and ensuring that they are protected from harmful cultural practices and exploitation.

The service core mandate in these formative stages will be construction and maintenance of roads, sewer and drainage maintenance, cleaning services, painting, mechanical and welding works among others.

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