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Eliab Tanui January 26, 2020


Trust Fund a grant by the government of Finland in partnership with Nandi County government completed a water project in kobujoi, Aldai subcounty which is now operational. The project supplies water to several institutions and villages.
The project was completed in May 2019 and it takes advantage of the gravity with the source and the tanks being 1.2 km apart. The two major tank make a total of 600,000 litres which are full to the brim. The source is located deep in kobujoi forest. Water kiosks have also been set up and a pump house with electricity supply and an office complete with office furniture, a computer and printer.
During a sitting with the project’s Committee, they expressed their wish to have additional pipeline to reach more villages and institutions within the area. They also requested that water treatment plants be set up to ensure they drink clean water to reduce diseases in the area.
The chief officer for water and Natural resources Sally Kemboi urged the members to take care of the project and own it. The Trust’s representative Jukka Illomaki also thanked them for conserving the water source and guarding the project from vandals.

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