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Luiz Kipkoech Patrick February 3, 2020


In a bid to ensure that education is accessible to all, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Education and Vocational Training has issued out bursaries to all the needy students who went through a rigorous identification process done in all the 30 wards.

The process of identifying beneficiaries was done from 28th October to 4th November 2019 across all the wards and a list of beneficiaries forwarded to NACEF Committee for vetting, Verification and Approval.

Speaking during the function held at St. Elizabeth Chepkunyuk Girls , Governor Sang emphasized on how committed the County Government is committed in the exercise.

Governor Sang issuing 6 million Cheque to Kapsabet School for the deaf representing other special needs beneficiaries.

“We have so far issued out bursaries for the last 2 and a half  years and today we are giving out cheques worth 24 million to students with special needs and also from Secondary schools,”he added.

CECM Education and Vocational Training Grace Sugut appreciated the stakeholders involved in education sector and urged them to work together in supporting the needy students.

CECM Grace making her remarks at St. Elizabeth Chepkunyuk.

This year, the number of students benefiting from bursary allocation has increased from 6182 to 6330 students as compared to last year. It is worth mentioning that the unit of allocating these funds are at ward level and each ward gets 2 million shillings as per the NACEF Act 2016.

The beneficiaries include students with special needs drawn from different institutions and those from Secondary schools who received 6million and 18 million respectively.


Governor Sang with his Deputy Governor together with the various Sub County Administrators.

Also present was Deputy County Commissioner Nandi Hills Mr. Mbogai Rioba, Chief Officer in the department Mr. Daniel Sang among other county officials together with NACEF Members.


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