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07 Jun
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Following the launch of the community health program and distribution of Community Health Promoters (CHP) kits nationwide last year, the County Government of Nandi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health – Division of Community Health, recognized and awarded the best-performing community health unit in the county.

A community health unit is the basic health service delivery structure within a defined geographic area, covering a population of approximately 5,000 people. It is served by CHPs, who are supervised by a Community Health Assistant (CHA). CHPs act as the link between community members and the health system, providing preventive and promotive health services.

Kaptumo/Kaboi Ward in Aldai Sub County, lies Kaboi Community Health Unit (CHU), a beacon of excellence in community health in 2023. In a ceremony presided over by the Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum, Kaboi Community Health Unit was recognized as the best-performing CHU in Nandi County.

Kaboi Community Health Unit’s success is linked to the CHA and CHP’s proactiveness and dedication.

The County Government of Nandi recognizes the importance of a well-equipped and motivated community health workforce. The Department of Health and Sanitation will continue its efforts to advocate for fair remuneration, digitization, and institutionalization, striving for a future where every CHP feels valued and empowered.

Kaboi Community Health Unit is about a community united by a passion for health and a commitment to making a difference. Their journey serves as an inspiration, proving that dedication and a little support can lead to remarkable achievements, one household visit at a time.

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06 Jun
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In a continued demonstration of its commitment to meet the County’s increased demand for surgical procedures, the County Department of Health and Sanitation have expanded Mosoriot and Kabiyet Hospitals by setting up new operating theatres complete with modern equipment designed to raise the standard of healthcare delivery in Nandi.

The operating theatres is part of county plans to increase diagnostic, surgical and inpatient capacity across the sub county hospitals.

Speaking during a visit to the facilities, the Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum said that the new theatres will enhance the care our hardworking teams provide for our people, as well as improving the working environment to our talented workforce.

“The two new operating theatres demonstrate the commitment we have to the residents of this county, meeting the increased demand for surgical procedures, enabling more people to access quality healthcare and providing for the future needs of Nandi residents,” said the Chief Officer.

The new theatre facilities mark the latest milestone in several developments in the the health sector which will help to deliver better health and care for the residents of the great Nandi county.

He was accompanied by the County Director for Health Dr David Bungei.

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06 Jun
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The Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum has expressed optimism that increased public-private partnerships in the health sector will boost the county’s delivery of healthcare services to Nandi residents.

He was speaking today during a handover of staff houses in Chepsire Dispensary, Kapsimotwa Ward, Tindiret Sub County.

The construction of the two staff houses were constructed through a PPP with Afya Research Africa (ARA).

The Chief Officer said strategic partnerships between the county government of Nandi and the private sector will help speed up the achievement of affordable, quality healthcare.

“Such partnerships like what we are witnessing here today have a great impact in the lives of the great people of Nandi and specifically in in the county’s health sector.

He applauded Afya Research Africa and its partners for ensuring that the project was delivered on schedule and pointed out that the staff houses within the facility will help reverse maternal and child mortality rates in the region as nurses will be stationed within the facility.

He called on the residents to maximize services offered at the facility.

Other speakers included Kapsimotwa Ward MCA Hon Edwin Korir, Elizabeth Ombech – ARA Director of Operations, and Rogers Omondi – ARA Program Associate and Tindiret Sub County Administrator Cosmas Kemboi and Tindiret MoH Dr Joseph Kibor.

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06 Jun
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At least 97 Community Health Assistants (CHAs) drawn from all the six sub counties have been trained by the County Government of Nandi in partnership with Amref Health Africa and the Ministry of Health – Division of Community Health, in order to enhance their capacity in service delivery.

The training program is designed to empower and build capacity of the CHAs by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and competencies and hence significantly improve the quality of health service delivery at the community level.

Speaking at the close of the 3-days training, the Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum, said the County will ensure community health assistants, are well equipped with adequate skills, to do their work well, as one way of reducing the burden on the healthcare system, by preventing diseases, promoting healthier lifestyles and providing vital health support to families.

The Chief Officer emphasized that strengthening of Primary Health Care (PHC), was at the heart of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and, therefore, the CHAs training was equally important.

He said the County Government valued the health workforce because it is central to the delivery of quality health services and that they were exploring local and international development partnerships, to prioritize support for the community health program, as a key contributor to UHC.

The county government of Nandi seeks to make good use of Community Health Assistants (CHAS) and Community Health Promoters (CHPs) to sensitize communities on best practices to live healthy lives.

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05 Jun
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The Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum has vowed that his department would remain committed to delivering quality healthcare to all residents in the county.

Kiptum said that healthcare was among the core priorities of Governor Sang’s government.

The new Mother and Child Hospital

The Chief Officer promised that no effort would be spared in improving the state’s health sector. “The responsibility of the county government is to ensure quality health care, whether you are rich or poor. So, what we are doing is to putting up mechanisms in place where everybody can access our health care system.”

“Delivering improved quality health is an underpinning factor in our promise of Renewed Hope to the great people of Nandi. That hope is ignited with the support of all healthcare workers in our facilities; health is back on the front burner,” he added.

The Chief Officer said that health is not merely the absence of disease but the embodiment of physical, mental, and social well-being. Adding that it is a fundamental human right and Nandi county’s commitment to achieving Universal Health Care Coverage is reflected in the unwavering dedication of Governor Sang’s administration to uphold this right for every individual, young or old, in rural or urban areas.

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29 May
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Effective, sustainable progress in comprehensive school health depends on a common vision, shared responsibilities and harmonized actions among health, education and other sectors.

School Health Programs are acknowledged as a comprehensive approach to improving children’s health and educational outcomes through learning and school life. Principals and Head Teachers are key players in school health implementation.

By enhancing collaboration between schools, health services and primary care, the overall health outcomes of young individuals can be improved, emphasizing the interconnectedness between school health services and the broader health care system.

To enhance school health program in the county, officials from the County Department of Health held a school health sensitization meeting with Principals and Head Teachers drawn from Tinderet Sub County. The meeting was held at the AIC Lelgotet Church in Songhor/Soba Ward and attended by the County Director of Education Mr Harrison Muriuki.

Discussions centered on the formulation of a cohesive strategy and plan to coordinate efforts in safeguarding school health.

The School Health Program includes; Water and sanitation, Gender Based Violence, Immunization, Mental health, Food quality control, Nutrition, Environmental health safeguard, Physical education and Communicable disease control.

Schools’ unique ability to reach all levels of society positions them to play a crucial role in children’s healthcare. They are efficient platforms for conducting health assessments benefiting a broad range of children, and for connecting families to additional services and care.

Present at the meeting were Cleophas Koech – County School Health Coordinator, Abigael Jepkoech – County GBV Coordinator and Tiparo – County Mental Health Coordinator.

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28 May
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Malaria in pregnancy is a significant cause of severe maternal anaemia, low-birth-weight babies, premature delivery, miscarriage and stillbirth. These complications are devastating, and leave a bitter taste: family tragedies that should have been prevented.

Pregnant women, babies, the under-fives and those with HIV/AIDS are particularly vulnerable to infection from the mosquito-born parasite which causes malaria, and suffer more severely than the general population.

Amref Health Africa, Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) in partnership with the County Government of Nandi, conducted its annual meeting with Community Health Promoters and Community Health Assistants drawn from Tinderet Sub County. The event provided an opportunity to engage health teams and partners to reflect on GFNFM3 Malaria in Pregnancy interventions implementation so far, to review performance of MIP interventions of GFNM3 Malaria Program and to chart the way forward and harmonize implementation of the Malaria In Pregnancy activities for enhanced MIP indicators and quality implementationfor optimal impact.

Prevention of malaria during pregnancy is critical to maternal and child survival. Quality treatment and prevention is essential to protect both mother and child.

Effective surveillance is the only way to ensure treatment and eventual eradication of malaria, and County Disease Surveillance Coordinator Japhet Rutto called for an aggressive new approach against the disease.

The County Department of Health reaffirms their commitment to ensuring people living in malaria-risk areas are using appropriate malaria preventive interventions and are treated.

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27 May
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Health Promotion aims to create a healthy school environment by promoting the general health and wellbeing of learners and educators, and by addressing key health and social barriers to learning in order to promote effective teaching and learning.

Schools play a very significant role in imparting the well-being of the students and individuals. A supportive and understanding ecosystem fosters self-confidence, encourages self-expression, and imbues a sense of belonging in learners.

Teachers and school staff are on the frontlines, interacting with students daily. They are often the first to notice changes in a student’s behavior, mood, or academic performance, hence it is essential that the support staff handle children with equality and effectively. By training educators to recognize the signs of health distress and providing them with knowledge on how to address and refer to these issues, schools can take a proactive stance in safeguarding their students’ well-being.

Today, the County Health promotion team held a sensitization meeting held at Kabiyet Boys on matters mental health, gender based violence and reproductive health with School Principals drawn from across Mosop Sub County.

This holistic approach ensures that the positive effects of education permeate throughout the entire educational ecosystem. A supportive and understanding ecosystem can foster self-confidence, encourage self-expression, and imbue a sense of belonging.

The School heads were urged to spearhead the crucial mission of Mental Wellness. Mental health is as crucial as physical health, if not more, especially during the formative years of a child’s life. Schools, being the second home for many students, have a pivotal role in shaping and nurturing their mental well-being.

Schools must prioritize creating safe spaces where students can express their concerns, fears, and anxieties without judgment. This could be in the form of dedicated counseling rooms, peer-led support groups, or open forums. The mere presence of such spaces can be reassuring to students, knowing they have a place to turn to when needed. Enabling a safe learning environment helps in regulating social, and emotional skills and capabilities that promote life-long mental health, and problem-solving skills that help in creating a sense of autonomy and purpose.

Present during the meeting was the County School Health Coordinator Mr Koech, GBV Coordinator Abigael Jepkoech and Mental Health Coordinator Mr Tiparo, Nandi County Director of Education Harrison MuriukiMuriuki and Kabiyet Boys Senior Principal Mr Mudogo.

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23 May
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The construction of an out- patient block at Chepnyogoson Dispensary in Kurgung/Surungai Ward, Mosop Sub County is nearing completion.

The Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum says the project is a clear indicator of Governor Sang administration’s commitment towards transformation of healthcare and ensuring accessibility for residents.

“The construction of the new out-patient block at Chepnyogoson Dispensary is progressing well. The project signifies our commitment to transforming healthcare accessibility for our residents,” he said.

It will be recalled that during his campaigns, Governor Stephen Sang vowed to ensure better healthcare system.

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22 May
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Medical oxygen is an indispensable element of the health system, vital for treating a wide range of medical conditions and foundational for establishing a respiratory care program. Recognizing its critical importance, the County Government of Nandi embarked on a transformative journey to strengthen the county’s health infrastructure by enhancing the capacity of the health workforce and bolstering the oxygen ecosystem which has yielded remarkable results ultimately ensuring that oxygen therapy is administered efficiently and effectively in both Kapsabet County Referral and Nandi Hills County Hospitals.

The basic aim behind establishing PSA Oxygen Generation Plants at Government hospitals is to further strengthen the public health system and ensure that each of these hospitals has a captive oxygen generation facility. Such an in-house captive oxygen generation facilities would address the day to day medical oxygen needs of these hospitals and the county at large.

The active involvement and ownership demonstrated by the County Government of Nandi has undoubtedly contributed to the project’s remarkable achievements. By prioritizing capacity-building and fostering a conducive environment for collaboration, the county has played a pivotal role in enhancing oxygen management capacities and ultimately, improving health outcomes for the people of Nandi.

The County Government of Nandi continues to strengthen the oxygen eco-system by supporting the implementation of establishment of oxygen sites in Kabiyet, Mosoriot, Meteitei, Kaptumo Sub County Hospitals. Plans are also underway for Serem and Kemeloi Health Center projects. In partnership with JHPIEGO, the county has offered technical assistance on oxygen use, and through training of health professionals in evidence-use of oxygen.

JHPIEGO and the County Department of Health have been collaborating to ensure the long-term sustainability of new medical oxygen equipment.

In a collaborative effort, JHPIEGO organized an oxygen plants sustainability sensitization meeting today to share best practices, lessons learned, and expert insights for a strong oxygen ecosystem in Nandi.

Speaking at the meeting,the Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation Fredrick Kiptum said that “Elevating healthcare calls for a proactive, comprehensive approach to managing medical oxygen equipment, involving collaboration, substantial investments, and a focus on the entire equipment lifecycle for lasting impact and sustainability. This requires a change of mindset from simply procuring equipment to managing it over its life cycle.”

Also Present at the meeting were County Director for Health Dr David Bungei, County Health Management Team among other senior health officials.

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