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16 Jan
By: Remmy Butia 0


Nandi Deputy Governor Dominic Biwott has expressed concern over the low number of registered voters in the County. The Deputy Governor noted that there are only 147,000 people in Nandi with Identity Cards but not registered as voters.

Speaking to the Press today, Biwott said that registration as a voter is important in the process of governance not only as a constitutional right but also as an opportunity to choose a leader.

“It would be unfortunate if those eligible as voters do not register. Out of those we meet in meetings while asking for votes approximately 35 percent may not be voters. We need to have numbers as a county,” said Biwott.

The deputy county boss said the county government will do everything within its means to support IEBC in promoting citizen engagement in voter registration.

“As a County Government, we shall support sensitization programmes on the need to register as voters,” he added.

“The political environment in the Country is a game of numbers which determines resource allocation and the community’s voice at the national level. Let us turn out in numbers and register as voters. Only then can we exercise our civic duties,” concluded Biwott.

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