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08 Sep
By: Remmy Butia 0


Nandi Governor Stephen Sang on Thursday addressed traders at Kapsabet town market and bus station and urged matatu traders to pay taxes so as to enable his administration improve service delivery to the residents.

Matatu operators which brings together six SACCOS operating in Kapsabet main bus station and other bus stations across the county had retorted a mandatory payment of taxes since December 2016 resulting in lose millions of shillings in revenue.

The non-payment of tax was due to disputes with the previous county government for failure to initiate and complete some development projects that sought to improve the business environment for the traders and make businesses thrive.

Kapsabet matatu operator association chairman Eliky Mutai commended the county boss for acting swiftly to initiate changes in the finance department of the county which he said had caused a severe suffering to the business people in the county.

Governor Sang promised to crack the whip on rogue contractors who do shoddy works adding that his administration will revise all revenue fees through legislation at the county assembly to ensure that the cost of doing business in the county is friendly.

The traders expressed goodwill to Sang’s administration urging the county boss to prioritize renovation and improvement of all amenities in the town so as to give the town a fresh breath of life.


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