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26 Apr
By: Remmy Butia 1


Agriculture being the mainstay economic activity in Nandi County remains a major priority to Nandi County government.

Endowed with ample rainfall and conducive conditions for farming, Nandi County is known for dairy, tea, maize, coffee, sugarcane and horticulture production.

Nandi County government has been in support of farmers especially in dairy production through construction and renovation of cattle dips for disease control.

Moreover, the County government through the department has embarked on sentization of farmers to use modern AI services and abandon traditional way of using bulls for fertilization as an effective method of increasing milk production.To that effect an AI programme will be enrolled before the end of financial year.

Furthermore, the County government in partnership with the National government will be soon be establishment milk coolers in every Ward in the County.

Besides the County has managed to recruit and train new extension officers to sentize and guide our farmers on farming.In addition the improved infrastructure has enabled our farmers access markets and transport their farm produce.

Recently the Nandi County government in partnership with National government officially opened four SHoMAP markets in Kibiok, Serem, Kaptumo and Labuiywo.

The markets have majorly boosted our economy especially our farmers who they have been the greatest beneficiaries of the newly installed modern structure.

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