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21 Oct
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Residents of Nandi today thronged Koitalel samoei Mausoleum in Nandi Hills town to commemorate the death of Nandi legendary leader Koitalel Arap Samoei who was brutally killed by the British.

The residents led by Nandi County governor Dr Cleophas Lagat honoured Koitalel in a colourful celebrations .
Koitalel Arap Samoei was killed in 19th October 1905 .

It was colour and pomp at the event held outside Koitalel musoleum as traditional prayers and dances that brought together the Nandi community were held during the ceremony.

Nandi county governor Dr Cleophas Lagat said that his government is pursuing the British government for compensation for the atrocities they committed.Adding that the County has already constituted a legal team to represent Nandi community at the international courts.

Nandi county attorney Mr George Tarus said that the marking of 111 years since the brutal killing of Koitalel Samoei is very significant because the Nandi community resisted the British for 11years.

Kipchoge chomu , Koitalel Samoei grandson said that the Talai community were tortured, forcefully evicted from their land, killed and lost their property, and therefore they should be compensated just like the Maumau. Chomu wondered why the British government were selective in their compensation.Adding that that Mashujaa day would not be complete without honouring Koitalel arap samoei, “The history of this country is distorted because much focus has been given to heroes who fought for independence at the expense of those who resisted the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya” he added.

He urged the government to remember the suffering of Nandi people through Koitalel samoei and his lineage. Reiterating all will not be well until the British government compensates them for suffering that they were subjected to including murder, rape and deportation.
Citing the longest political detainee Mr Barsian arap Manyei who was detained for 40years(1922-1967).The celebration of Koitalel Samoei comes day ahead of Mashujaa day celebration.Koitalel is considered as a great heroe and legendary leader among the Nandi community, famous for his prophecies and for leading the longest reistance against the British colonial government.

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