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11 Oct
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The Nandi County Integrated Development Plan (NCIDP) was prepared by the County Government of Nandi led by the Governor as required by section 102 of the County Governments’ Act. The NCIDP is a product of broad-based consultation among diverse stakeholders beginning with national and county government officers, the corporate sector,
professional bodies, farmers groups, and cultural group, athletes and women groups. Notably, Consultations were held with elected leaders led by the Governor of Nandi County and including the Senator, The Women Representative and the members of the National Assembly. The County Assembly beginning with the Speaker and Members was also
consulted. All the views, programmes and projects in this CIDP emanated from the people of Nandi County.

In preparing this document the secretariat made reference to District Development Plans (DDPs) for 2008-2012 plan periods, for Nandi South, Nandi East, Tindiret, Nandi Central and Nandi North Districts. From 2013, it is anticipated that each Constituency will become a district and a sub County. These DDPs were initially prepared with invaluable inputs from various development stakeholders in the respective Sub-Counties. The secretariat also borrowed from the findings of the 2009 Population and Housing Census and from relevant publications and other sources. Subsequently, the secretariat analysed and organised the data resulting to this document. In doing so the secretariat was cognizance of the fact that the profile would form a basis on which Nandi County Government would undertake development strategies.

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