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03 Nov
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Kapsabet Municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDeP)


Kapsabet Municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDeP) is a comprehensive blue print that will guide the Municipality and development partners in development engagement for the realization of social economic transformation of the residents.
The IDeP complies with the constitutional requirement for public involvement in policy formulation. It therefore contains inputs from Wards, Locations and sublocations residents and professionals including those in other urban centers. It summarizes details, plans and the projects as identified by the local people to address specific and strongly expressed issues and challenges during the municipality community public participation meetings. This IDeP is addressed based on the following sectors: Agriculture, Water Services; Health and Sanitation Services
Sector; Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Sector; Public Service, decentralized Services and Disaster Management Sector; Tourism, Trade and Industry Sector; Roads, Housing and Education Sector.

The development plan identifies and focuses on a number of flagship projects which are expected to drive the Municipality socio-economic transformation so as to accelerate the realization of quality and equitable development for the people of the municipality.

Special thanks go to the overall County Leadership under the stewardship of H.E Governor Stephen Sang who was instrumental in supporting and delivering this ambitious Kapsabet Municipality IDeP in collaboration with JKUAT Enterprises led by the Managing Director Dr. Winfred Karugu, Team Leader Mr. Juma Wagoki and the
entire technical team who tirelessly worked on development of this plan in line with municipality priorities, community priorities, Kenya 2010 constitution and the longterm objective of vision 2030 in its aspiration to become a vibrant and prosperous Municipality.

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07 Mar
07 Mar
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County Government Laws

The County Government of Nandi has a constitutional mandate to enact laws through the County Assembly. Nandi County Assembly is Established as in Article 176 of the Constitution establishes the County Assembly which shall consist of members elected by the registered voters of the wards; each ward constituting a single member constituency.

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07 Mar
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Flagship Projects

The County Government of Nandi has identified key areas that need special focus as they also align with the Big 4 agenda as flagship projects. Allocations for various flagship projects in a number of departments have been allocated resources in the FY 2018/2019 budget.


The Fiscal policy underpinning this budget over the Medium term is a shift from less impact to high impact-capital investments so as to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the County’s mainstay sectors. In view of this, the county has therefore allocated more resources to the following sectors;

  • Agriculture and Cooperative DevelopmentKshs. 115 Million for the   construction of Milk Processing plant and an additional Kshs.15Million for construction of the milk processing factory (structure), in relation to this, a further Kshs 20million has been allocated to construction of structures to house milk cooling plants across the sub counties to promote value addition for better a bid to commercialize agriculture for  increased productivity, I propose an allocation of Kshs 15million to the County Heifer Development unit where farmers will acquire quality breed of heifers at subsidized cost for high productivity of milk for sustainable utilization of the milk processing plant; this is coupled with establishment of county animal feeds mill projected to cost Kshs. 15millionDiversification in crop development is key to sustained food security for increased income and poverty reduction, this budget therefore proposes an allocation of Kshs25million to the county seed multiplication center for the identified crops as macadamia, tissue culture bananas, Avocado and coffee.


  • Trade, Investment and Industrialization –Kshs. 50 Million For the realization of the Presidents ‘Big Four agenda’ and the Governor’s manifesto to transform Nandi County, we are setting up a textile and apparel unit in partnership with RIVATEX East Africa Limited (REAL) at Kapsabet Town. This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Rivatex East Africa Limited and the County Government of Nandi towards the establishment of tailoring units, provision of requisite technical assistance and training of our staff.  


  • Health and SanitationKshs. 50 Million for purchase of 20 ambulances and an additional Kshs.50 million for the construction of a new Kapsabet County referral hospital complex with a Mother and Baby Unit.


  • Sports and Youth AffairsKshs.30 Million for construction of Youth empowerment centre with State of the Art Studio and a conference centre, a further Kshs 30Million to the construction of modern athletics training camp to support talent development.


  • Tourism and Culture – The county leadership recognizes the efforts of our heroes on their sacrifice for the current generation to enjoy the fruits of devolution; Kshs.17Million therefore has been allocated towards development of Jean Marie Seroney Leadership Centre with all the related amenities within the facility.
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07 Mar
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Nandi County Budget FY 2023/2024

Nandi County 2023/2024 financial year Budget, it is important that the citizens are well informed of the contents in the budget. Find the Nandi County summarized budget highlighting the key areas in the Nandi County Budget FY 2023/2024



Total projected estimates for 2018/19 financial year is kshs. 8,046,964,890 out of which;


Recurrent expenditure in this 2018/19 budget estimates amounts to Kshs. 5.1 Billion translating to 63.4% of the total revenue.


The priorities proposed in the CFSP anchored on the 2018-2022 CIDP and for which this budget estimates considers includes;


The Fiscal policy underpinning this budget over the Medium term is a shift from less impact to high impact-capital investments so as to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the County’s mainstay sectors. In view of this, the county has therefore allocated more resources to the following sectors;


A healthy population is essential for higher productivity and sustained long term development of the county. The county government has been keen in investing in this sector and over the medium term, it will continue to Rehabilitate, expand and fully equip all the sub-county hospitals & health centers as well as dispensaries while adequately stocking with requisite drugs, ensure well trained and motivated health personnel. The county will also continue to invest in modernizing Kapsabet County Referral hospital with all essential drugs and non-pharmaceuticals with specialized equipment necessary to handle all health-related cases. The 2018/19 budget has provided for:


The county government’s mandate is development of ECDE centers and recruitment of well-trained caregivers as well as establishing and equipping youth polytechnics with necessary technical equipment so as to produce efficient and competent youth. The 2018/19 budget has provided for


In order to enhance conservation and sustainable management of Natural resources and the general environment for socio-economic development of this great county, measures have been put in place to ensure sustainable access to clean piped water; rehabilitation, reclamation, conservation and protection of catchment areas. The government has allocated the following amounts to ensure continuous investment in this sector


Developed infrastructure is a key pre-requisite to sustained economic development due to the linkages it provides to other sectors in the economy. The county government of Nandi allocated substantive resources in the current 2017/18 budget to acquisition of various roadwork machinery and equipment geared towards expanding the road network as well as maintain existing road network sustainably and more efficiently.


The Government is committed to reducing the cost of doing business and encouraging private sector innovation, entrepreneurship and business expansion in order to have a strong and sustainable high economic growth and reduction in the poverty levels. A a sustainable and vibrant environment for investment will be established through;  • Promotion of fair trade practices through consumer awareness, calibration and verification of weight and measures equipment. • Promotion of public private sector development through enterprise and entrepreneurship development • Construction of Jua Kali sheds and preparation of sectoral and strategic plans promotion. The 2018/19 budget has provided for:


The County therefore aims at raising agricultural productivity and increasing commercialization of agriculture. This will be achieved through improvement of land use and crop development, enhanced accessibility to affordable farm inputs, adding value to agricultural produce, link the farmers to markets for their produce and extension services. Budget for implementation of these projects include:


The County Government, through this Budget and into the medium term is addresses the challenges along the business value chain faced by this group, which include, among others: inaccessibility to market, costly transport, inadequate skills and lack of business knowledge.
Budget that will sustain the addressing of this challenges includes:


In order to provide quality services to the residents of Nandi in an efficient, effective and transparent manner using limited resources, the following resources heve been allocated;


To ensure competitiveness and attraction of both domestic and international visitors we are committed to investing more in the sector

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