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27 May
By: Remmy Butia 0


Peter Nyorsok the Director of Anglican Development Services (ADS) leads his team to award 1 Million shillings towards payments of school fees of 127 students in an ongoing project that supports 2172 Orphans Children in Nandi County.

An occasion as well feted by Deputy Governor of Nandi Dominic Chepyagan among other Education stakeholders in Nandi hills hosted by the Anglican Church of Kenya Nandi hills.

Speaking at the event H.E the deputy Governor Chepyagaan who had graced the event to award cheques towards the payments of school fees of Orphan Children a programme funded by Anglican Development Services(ADS).Deputy Governor of Nandi reiterated that Education translates to everything and a schooled or educated person is socially independent. Education is Energy he said, whoever gives Education gives Energy, Life and Eternal Knowledge. He thanked the ADS programme for crafting this initiative that will see over 127 students benefit from the kitty in Nandi county. The Deputy Governor assured the ADS team that they would work together and borrow ideas from them as the county Government of Nandi, he invited them to meet the relevant bodies in the county government

A good county, a good country all boil down to the existence of good social institutions’ of School and Church. He thanked ADS for creating an opportunity through education. Enforcing the Directors sentiments that ‘Take your place, Do your Work’. That, Counties in Russia and Canada developed due to educational uplift. Educational empowerment is key to ultimate economic empowerment.

On Security he asked the residents of Nandi hills to keep vigil, Insecurity was seen as foreign being in Somali at first, Nairobi but now it is within us. He urged the citizen present to work with both National government and County government, although security is not one the devolved function but we have to work together as entrenched in the constitution of Kenya and Asked the National government to devolve part of the security function to county governments.

On countering the Koitaleel Samoei University College rumours he said that Higher Education is coming closer home. Noting that KSUC is at advanced stages in getting Legal notices and gazzettement of the university. While in Kapsabet, Masinde Muliro University, Kisii University are pitching with the transformation of Kapsabet Bible College to Kapsabet University and urge the citizens to take advantage of the forthcoming low cost Higher education in the county.

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