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19 Oct
By: Remmy Butia 0


Airtel’s Internet for Schools program continues to harness the strength of the company’s technology to drive change in the community by giving more and more students from different parts of the country the freedom to connect to the world of information, helping them to learn better and open up a new world of opportunities for their future. This contribution by Airtel continues to enable students and teachers to have full access to learning tools provided through the Internet, a major boost for Kenya’s youth, teachers and the entire education system.

Education experts indicate that as we progress in the 21st century, online learning will constitute 50 per cent of all learning and education.

Kabolebo Pry Sch in Soba/Songhor Ward Tindiret Sub-County, Nandi is one of the more than 150 learning institutions that have so far benefited from Airtel’s Internet for Schools program impacting thousands of students across the country for the last one year. The school will receive 8GB monthly data bundles for free for the next 3 years. This was realized and made possible through the help of Kabolebo Pry Sch former student who is currently the Deputy Governor Nandi Personal Assistant Mr. Remmy Butia.

The support is part of Airtel’s ongoing community program- Internet for Schools designed to provide internet connectivity to millions of students in the country ensuring that they are able to leverage the information, access and content that the internet provides.

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