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The County Government of Nandi provides a conducive environment to encourage active participation from citizens/public so that they can make valuable contributions to the decision making processes. Building bottom-up participatory mechanisms is a key ingredient to effective decentralization.

It’s is therefore with this in mind that every effort is being made under the leadership of the Nandi Governor H.E Stephen Sang to ensure that all the citizens in Nandi are supported, understand the venues and methods through which they can actively participate to enhance service delivery, promote accountability and good governance, for improved living standards and realization of sustainable development.

County Executive Committee members and MCAs presided over public participation fora in
Kaptel/Kamoiywo,Lelmokwo/Ngechek,Kiptuiya,Kipkaren,Kabiyet,Ndalat,Onondaga,Chapters,Kurgung/Surungai,Sangalo/Kebulonik and Kilibwoni wards.This marked the last day of the fora in the ward level with public participation in the Sub-County level set to commence next week.#TransformingNandi.

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