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03 Dec
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Residents of Nandi County joined their counterparts living with Disabilities to mark the International day for Persons Living with Disabilities.

During the event held in Kapsabet, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang issued assistive and mobility devices to hundreds of PWDs from the County.

Among these devices are special seats, tough-rider wheelchairs, tricycles and business wheelchairs that will enhance their mobility and provide avenue of running there errands in a seamless manner.

While making his speech, Social services Chief Officer Philip Towett said that his department is committed to ensure PLWDs are empowered socially and economically through the provision necessary support that will improve their standard of lives.

On his part, Governor Stephen Sang said that the current and future budgets to finance a number of initiatives will be factored in so that issues of disability mainstreaming are fully catered for.

“Already, PLWDs, Women and the Youth have been offered access to at least 50% of tender opportunities by my administration”. Governor Sang said.

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27 Nov
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In bid to enhance prudent use of devolution support funds in accordance with the investment menu, consultants from Kenya Devolution support program (KDSP) visited Nandi county for the assessment of minimum performance conditions and measures following the disbursement of the performance based grants from the National Government ministry of Devolution for financial year 2017/18.
The main objective of KDSP  is to strengthen capacity of core national and county institutions to improve delivery of services, economic expansion, good governance practices as well as supporting counties to be fully operational in key result areas  including: public financial management; planning, monitoring and evaluation; human resource and performance management; devolution and intergovernmental relations as well as civic education and public participation.
 Counties are therefore be expected to invest proceeds from the grants on a range of eligible development projects as per their approved county plans.  Assessment is thereafter done to monitor performance and well performing counties will secure an extra allocation shared out using an index combining the equitable share formula and performance scores.
During this three day visit, the team will be assessing performance on areas pertaining financial statements, audit, annual planning, citizens complaint system, consolidated procurement plans, core staffing, social safeguard of functional and operational environment.
This regular assessment will enhance appropriation of funds and implementation of projects as per the Annual Development Plan (ADP) and County Integrated Development plan (CIDP) all geared towards the development and transformation in the county.
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16 Nov
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Following the inception of the Kapsabet municipality and inauguration of the board on 12th November 2018 by Governor Stephen Sang, the management held its first meeting with the staff today.

During the meeting, the manager had an opportunity to familiarize himself with the staff and chatted way forward as the municipality functions take effect.

Mr Sum the municipal manager, also gave a proposed management structure with sub units that includues Public health, disaster management, sewerage, security and enforcement, ICT, Finance, administration, audit and human resource among others.

Municipal Staff following procedings during a meeting convened by Municipal Manager, Mr Sum.

The units will have unit heads who will manage staff and spearhead the implementation of unit functions.

He encouraged the staff to work diligently with integrity and in accordance with the law.

He further pledged to ensure that there is effective service delivery to the people of kapsabet municipality and promised a good working and business environment especially in kapsabet town.


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The municipality, as per the ‘Kapsabet municipality charter’ is expected to deliver services as well as addressing issues pertaining : promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services; water and sanitation services; construction and maintenance of urban roads ,associated infrastructure, storm drainage, flood controls, walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure; construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces, street lighting; regulation of traffic controls, parking facilities, bus and taxi stands and regulation of outdoor advertising.

County Government of Nandi

The Source of Champions

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16 Nov
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Today, CECM LENRCC held a meeting with Director Water and Sub County Water Officers across the Sub Counties to ensure that all projects earmarked for this financial year are done according to the bill of quantities and set time frame.

The CECM said that performance in the sector was very key and that everyone must ensure that they work towards the realization of the departmental goals.

“Performance is key in this department, take charge of your areas of jurisdiction and ensure that the community takes full ownership of the water projects”

He further said that, Public Participation will be done in order to have a competent and effective community management committees.

The CEC said that the County Government had set aside funds that will be used  will do a total of 66 Water projects this financial year.

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14 Nov
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County Government in Bid To Regulate Milk Prices

County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in collaboration with Nandi County Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union (NDFCU), is working towards concession with local milk processors to bargain for better milk prices on behalf of farmers.

KCC Chairman Dr. Sylvester Biwott at the negotiation table with the county government officials and union members

According to experts in dairy sector, the market price of milk is always the engine/determinant of production. A good pay equals more production, and without good prices, then expect less production.

Locally, the cost of milk production has in recent times tremendously increased to a point that the profit margin of a bottled water is almost higher compared to that of bottled milk.

While co-chairing the negotiations meeting with representatives from Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) and Kabianga Dairy Premier Limited, Chief Officer in charge of Cooperative Development Dr. Benedette Tiony said that it is always very important that farmers invest and reinvest in a business that makes sensible returns.

In addition, Dr Tiony said that the department has put in place measures to help farmers increase production and has already rolled out a subsidized Artificial Insemination (AI) program and other extension services. “We are also putting resources to strengthen cooperatives through which more farmers will benefit”, she added.

After their first meeting, both the board and the processors agreed that the farmer is taking home very little after toiling and there was need to sit down, bring on board other stakeholders and review the prices.

On his part, the Chief Officer for Agriculture Mr. Wilson Lelei said that the plan to have a farmer-owned milk processing plant in Nandi that will ensure a stable year-out milk price is on course.

County Government officers and union members at the negotiation table to bargaining for better milk prices

NDFCU chairperson Mr. Abraham Rugut is set an­nounce the success of these negotiations to farmers after engaging other processors and as soon as the new rates are agreed and enacted in due course.

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02 Nov
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Nandi Goes Performance Contracting Way in Bid to Boost Service Delivery

 In a bid to improve service delivery within the public sector, The County government of Nandi has started to consolidate its plans to implement performance management in public service
In a Three- Day workshop hosted AHADI Kenya who are facilitating the implementation of Performance contracting framework, creating work plans, set targets, and later the signing of performance contract by every employee under the county Government.
One of the Key strategies in rolling out of the ambitious programme is to establish a performance contracting unit, with a representative from every department,that will form a steering committee that manages the whole process.
Accoding to Nandi Deputy Governor Dr. Yuita Cheruiyot, The move will create a correlation between planning and implementation and even give room for appraisal and recognition of public servants who excel.
The process is will be done in quarterly basis where at the end of every quarter, reports are submitted by employees to the secretariat who will evaluate, give results and a feedback to the departmental head
“Implementation of this performance management framework by all stakeholders will result in collective attainment of individual work plans and targets improves performance leading to achievement of sectoral plans.” Dr. Cheruiyot said.
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05 Oct
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The County Government of Nandi in partnership with The National Health Insurance Fund is spearheading a massive registration of residents into the Universal Health Care (UHC).
Speaking in her office during a meeting with NHIF Regional Manager Valentine Morogo, Kapsabet Branch Manager Hussein Dore, The County Executive Member for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech, said that the County is partnering with Pharm Access Foundation, which is a leading non-profit international organization for technical assistance to establish a digital health platform countrywide.
The CEC also reiterated that the partnership includes the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to ensure the success of UHC that is currently being piloted in four counties of Kisumu, Machakos, Isiolo and Nyeri.
“The County aims to use the digital platform that includes M-TIBA, a mobile health wallet that aids registering new and old members to the system in a cost effective and transparent way,” she added.
Ruth also mentioned that as part of the National Government’s Agenda Four delivery, the county is working towards providing all its citizens with quality and affordable healthcare by the year 2022.
At least 400,000 households are targeted by the end of the year in the county under the pilot program.The exercise will involve more than 500 community health volunteers and youth drawn from within the county.
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04 Oct
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Teenage pregnancies in Nandi is at an alarming rate. Hence the need to put heads together in managing the menace and calling up our partners as we take the task. According to current statistics 58% of the population use the right Family Planning methods while 42%  either have the wrong information or have none at all.

German Foundation for World Population (DSW)  is a youth serving organization whose mission is to empower people for a healthy future.Together with The National Council for Population and Development they are taking up the role of identifying and advising the County Government on population issues and value for data for budget allocation and population planning.

The NCPD as our partners have over time carried out research and developed policy programs that aid in matching available resources and population growth. They also formulate and co-ordinate population policies strategies and programs for the County.

42% of the population in Nandi live within the means of $1 a day. Hence the need to alleviate poverty levels and enhance the quality of life which is not a choice but a necessity. DSW in partnership with the County Government are committed to creating demand for and access to health information, services and supplies, and to securing the right for a brighter future. We achieve this by engaging in advocacy, capacity development, and family planning initiatives, which makes sure the youth of today are empowered to lead healthy and self-determined lives.


Speaking during the quarterly meeting the County Reproductive Health Officer Christine Andalo mentioned that, building sustainable health talks in the community during briefs andbarazas is essential as it it will pass on the crucial messages to all. She also added that there’s been low female involvement in Family Planning usage which needs to be enhanced. High poverty levels being another factor that contributes to the results. “We are striving for a healthy and smiling population by repositioning family planning as a countywide issue and reducing maternal morbidity and mortality to ensure safe motherhood.” She added.

The Chief Officer in the docket also reiterated that, “Our reproductive health indicators as a county are not at good levels,our girls and women need to take up the necessary measures in the aim of achieving Universal Health Care.We need to set up workable targets and improve our status.”

Later, the team visited Father Kuhn High School ,Aldai Sub-County,for mentorship and talks on Reproductive Health.

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27 Sep
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The County Government of Nandi has on The 24th of September 2018, launched its Big Four Agenda, aligning it with President Uhuru’s National Big Four Agenda. That is; Universal Health Care, Affordable Housing, Food Security and Manufacturing. The launch was officiated by H.E The Deputy President William Ruto. To achieve Universal Healthcare, The County has embarked on comprehensive programmes to rehabilitate and equip all its dispensaries and health centers across the county including upgrading Kapsabet Referral Hospital. The day saw a number of ongoing projects being commissioned by The Deputy President at The Referral Hospital including The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), The X-Ray machine, RenalDialysis Unit which provides services 4 days a week. The upgrade of the hospital also comprises of commissioning of an oxygen plant, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and expansion of the newborn nursery unit. The purchase of a 385 KVA standby generator to ensure uninterruptable supply of power to the facility has also been purchased which will go along way in ensuring that the residents can access specialized medical treatment. The day also saw the launch of the Health Management Information System, which is a set of components and procedures organized with the objective of generating information which will improve health care management decisions at all levels of the health system. The roll out of the HMIS will aid in easy access to patient data. A well-implemented HMIS means readily available patient data to the care providers. Four out of every five Kenyans have no access to medical insurance. In, the initial phase, The county has also managed to roll out a massive NHIF enrollment programme targeting 100,000 households. This is in line with the Agenda for Universal Health Care. The Governor Stephen Sang, also mentioned that the agenda has captured the aspirations of the people and that’s why he took the major direction of integrating it in The County Development Plan.“This event affords us a rare opportunity to set the pace for other devolved units to synergize with the National Government’’ added the county boss. Speaking during the event, the Deputy President mentioned thatequipping of hospitals with modern machines, medicine suppliesand improving infrastructure will go a long way in providing access to quality services. He also added that it ensures early, proper diagnosis and effective treatment hence resulting in a healthy population. He also assured the residents of the support by the National Government in achieving and making affordable healthcare and equitable access a reality. #TugaTai #TransformingNandi



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21 Sep
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The Dairy sector in Nandi County is set to benefit from the soon to be launched big 4 agenda after the Small Holder Dairy Commercialization Project- SDCP unbundled a number of goodies to the dairy farming practitioners in a bid to ensure profitability in the Dairy Value chain. The County Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development, have identified the Dairy sector as one of the key value chains to be accorded serious focus in the apportionment of resources so as to turn around the sector which contributes to about 20 Per cent of the county’s income. During the launch of Governor Stephen Sang’s Big 4 agenda slated for next week, a number of Dairy groups and Apex Organizations will be issued with Cheques worth 23 million shillings to support their Dairy farming enterprises. Under the SDCP’s Dairy Feeds Development Window whose aim is to support the development of cheap dairy feeds by the Dairy farmers and thus reducing the cost of production, 5 groups will receive financial support from the county government towards their activities which include Commercial Hay Production. They include, Tururo Multipurpose Self-Help Group (Chepkunyuk Ward), Saos Women Group (Ollesos ward), Kipnusu Women Group (Kilibwoni Ward), Chepkoiyo SHG (Kurgung’- Surungai Ward) and Kapkitany Kalyet SHG (Kipkaren ward). Under the Marketing Window, Kaptildil CBO (Chesumei Sub County) will be supported through the purchase of Aluminum Milk Cans, Digital weighing scales and milk quality control machines such as Lactometers alcohol guns and reagents. Kapkuto Farmers Cooperative Society will be supported trough a 1.1 Million shillings fund for the purchase of a milk Cooler, Pasteurizer and milk Dispenser while Lessos and Tany’Kina Farmers’ Cooperative Societies will be supported to Purchase a 3000 litre Capacity Cooler, a Pasteurizer and a dispenser as well. Kabiyet dairies will also be supported with 2 milk Coolers. The County government through the Smallholder Dairy Commercialization Program also ropes the use of ICT in the dairy sector to facilitate automated collection of milk. To achieve these, Aldai, Lessos and Cheda Dairy Farmer’s Cooperative Societies will get 2.3 Million shillings each meant for ICT compliance while LOLKA Fcs will walk away with dairy accessories such a Standby Generator, a Compressor, Piping system and Sollar Panel System.

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