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County Executive Member In Charge Of Sports and Youth affairs

Hon. Name: Elly Kurgat

Age : 28 Yrs

Elly is an Agribusiness Management graduate who has demonstrated experience developing intervention strategies that address youth radicalization in high-risk environments. He has practical experience designing, sourcing funds, and implementing ideas geared towards addressing youth unemployment. He is credited with the generation and development of the Youth Agribusiness Incubation Centers that train, mentor and support Youth Led Initiatives in the Agribusiness Sector. He has been extensively involved in community youth mentorship programmes and initiatives. Mr. Kurgat has consulted with international donor agencies on multi-cultural projects and supported their successful implementation. Recently, he consulted as a Youth Sector Specialist in the development of the Kenya Investment Mechanism; a programme that aims at boosting investments and business development by the youth by USD 1M in five years. He was working with Agricultural Development Corporation until this appointment to the County Government of Nandi. Elly is married with one child and hails from Tinderet Sub-County.